Raph & Ryan (venturebears) wrote in war_bears,
Raph & Ryan

Gamer Bears

Due to a recent discussion regarding video games in community discussions, and realizing that there really wasn't a community specifically for gamer bears, I created gamer_bears as a general place to post about video games of all formats and platforms. 

It was not created to compete with or replace the other specific gay gaming communities, but rather to keep track of all the new and exciting video games out there or soon to be, and our opinions of them.

Feel free to join if you want to follow discussions or news about video games. It will probably start with postings of various game news feeds and, as the community grows, hopefully we can get some great discussions and reviews.

Thanks and I apologize in advance for duplicate posts, if you are members of the various communities I will be posting this to.

Tags: gamer bears
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